Concept Development

Time and time again, success within hospitality proves to be the result of detailed considerations on the adaptation of unique concepts and experiences to the industry. Our concept development is based on in-depth research and extensive industry experience.

Whether developing a hotel, restaurant or office property, the aim is always to optimise operations, while offering the very best of guest experience.

Concept development of hotels

Our concept development methodology is unique within the industry. We ensure that projects offer a fully conceptualised user experience that is also operationally optimised and based on both short and long-term success criteria.

We offer the capacity to manage the full process from concept development to implementation and to remain on the sidelines during the actual start-up of operations. This will ensure that your visions for guest experience fully come to fruition – always with a focus on the bottom line.

Our services also include the update and adaptation of existing concepts so they continuously remain on-trend and attract the desired segments. Our undertakings and commitments will always be defined and tailored to your requirements.

Concept development in other industries

A wide range of industries are currently seeking to incorporate hospitality experiences. Whether developing a co-shared office space, corporate HQ or a residential project, our aim is to advance the hospitality potential by applying the experience-based approaches of the hotel industry.

We offer the capacity to manage the full development process from concept to implementation and to remain on the sidelines during the actual start-up of operations. This will ensure that your F&B visions come to full fruition – always with a focus on the bottom line.

Public expectations for hospitality service provision are generally on the rise, which is why we also offer to adapt existing hospitality concepts to the times and continuously update them with current trends to attract the desired segments. Together, we will define and tailor our undertaking to your wishes and requirements.

F&B concepts

Our F&B specialists develop concepts that range from fine dining, bar and café services to fast-casual. We provide guidance within every aspect of business from analysis and research, menu and recipe development and food styling to operational support and follow-up.

Our specialists are always directly part of the team, whether developing a new or fine-tuning an existing F&B concept. This ensures that your concept is commercially and operationally optimised, all while the guest experiences remain attractive to your target segments – and contribute to the bottom line.

Operator qualification

Our consultancy within guest experience and F&B builds on many years of experience with operations and development combined with in-depth analytical tools. We are in ongoing and close dialogue with the leading talents and operators on the market.

Based on the desired qualities and skill capacities, we identify and qualify the best operators for the specific case and assist with the subsequent negotiations of partnership agreements.


When faced with having to refurbish, redesign and/or reposition your hotel, restaurant, property or office premises, our consultancy will include all elements of the process with a particular analytical focus on streamlined operations and guest flow.

We engage with leading and experienced architects and our services can include the overseeing of tenders among client consultants, interior designers and FF&E fulfilment specialists. We also assist with the organisation of refurbishment processes in relation to time optimisation and minimising operational disruption.

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