PULS Talent Program

TN Hospitality Advisors and PULS established the talent program in 2023

Far too many young people in Denmark disregard the hospitality sector as a viable career option. Aiming to encourage greater interest among the management talents of the nation and ensure highly qualified labour for the future of the Danish hotel industry, TN Hospitality Advisors in partnership with PULS has instituted a new Danish talent program. The talent program was launched last year at the PULS conference 2023.

Application instructions

PULS Hospitality Talent Program 2025

Are you this year’s winner of the PULS Hospitality Talent Program? The talent program offers financial support to attend a professional development program at the prestigious Cornell University in New York. Read more about the application requirements and deadline here.

The PULS Hospitality Talent Program provides the opportunity for promising management talents within the Danish hospitality industry to attend a professional development program at the highly-recognised Cornell University in New York State, specifically The Nolan School of Hotel Administration’s Professional Development Program. The intensive six-day program focuses on management skills, hospitality trends, best practice and, not least, international network development.

Read more about the Professional Development Program at Cornell here 

What the PULS Talent Program Covers

Only a single winner is selected annually for the PULS Talent Program. With a grant from the Edith Therkildsen Foundation, the winner of the talent program will have the tuition fees covered for the specific program in mention at Cornell University as well as expenses for air transport and accommodation in connection with the program. The total cost of attending amounts to approx. DKK 100,000.

How to apply

Click on the link below and submit all required information in the application form. 


Online application

When applying online, you must upload a written motivation in support of your application that includes relevant information about why you believe you should be considered for the PULS Talent Program and how the development program at Cornell University will benefit you and your career opportunities.


When completing the application form, you will be asked to upload the following documentation:

  • Danish CPR number and current employment at a hospitality company in Denmark.
  • Documentation of at least two years of uninterrupted full-time employment within the hospitality industry in a senior position with staff responsibility.
  • Written motivation from your current employer/hotel manager or by a person in a similar position at your current organisation of employment as to why you should be selected for the program.
  • A written confirmation from your current employer that you will be given time off from work to attend the program.
  • Your CV and a photo that resembles you well.

How the winner is selected

The PULS Talent Program is open to all qualified applicants in Denmark who can meet the application requirements and submit the requested documentation.

In the selection procedure, TN Hospitality Advisors will first select the three most-qualified candidates, who are subsequently interviewed by Cornell University for pre-approval.

The final winner will then be appointed by the PULS Ambassador corps consisting of leading Danish industry profiles. A representative of the Edith Therkildsen Foundation will also partake in the selection.

Apply here >


Selection criteria

The following criteria will be evaluated when selecting a winner:

  • You are relatively new in your leadership position, have experience with managing personnel, and want to develop your leadership skills.
  • Employees from all hospitality businesses and levels of the organization are welcome to apply.
  • Age is not a selection criterion, but we will look at your development path in your time in the industry.
  • We assess the written motivation from your employer/hotel manager in relation to your overall development path.
  • Professional and academic training programs are considered with equal weight and in relation to your overall development.

Application deadline and dates

The application deadline is 30 June 2024 at 12:00 noon.

  • You will receive a reply on 18 September regarding whether you have been pre-selected as one of the three nominated candidates.
  • The winner will be announced at the PULS conference on 3 October 2024 to which the three nominees are invited.
  • The winner of the PULS Talent Program 2025 will subsequently be able to attend the program at Cornell University in June 2025.


After the application process has been concluded, all application emails will be deleted.

The PULS Talent winner and the four nominees in 2023

Anna Mei Overgaard Nielsen: Waiter, Shangri-La Group (top left), Hanne Glibstrup Andersen: Hotel Manager, 71 Nyhavn Hotel (top right), Cecile Jaba-An: Housekeeping Supervisor, Kurhotel Skodsborg (left), Simon L. Nordstorp: Front Office & Corporate Sales Manager, Coco Hotel (right)

The winner in 2023 was Anna Mei Overgaard Nielsen

Just 22 years of age, Anna Mei Overgaard Nielsen was named talent of the year at the 2023 PULS conference! Hosted by TN Hospitality Advisors – Advisors to Scandinavian Hospitality, 250 top management professionals from the Danish hospitality industry were present to congratulate Anna.

PULS talent kandidater 2024
Two of the four PULS Talent nominees on stage at PULS conference 2023

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