Financial administration
and operational consultancy

TN Hospitality Advisors offers access to the most comprehensive accounting solution on the market. Enhanced by our professional experiences from across all sectors of the hotel industry, our services go far beyond regular bookkeeping and payment processing. Our expert services include monthly performance comments, recommendations and ongoing consultancy, all while keeping your accounting expenses to a minimum.

Financial administration

Why not let us handle your day-to-day financial administration so you can focus on operations? Our team of specialists will ensure sound finance management and provide the necessary financial insight at all times. You will be continuously updated with the relevant key operational figures so you can make all the right decisions.


Expertise and experience

To us, your accounting will never merely be about number crunching. We understand the industry better than most and know what it takes to create success.


Daily accounting and system updates

Our accounting solution is 100% digital, allowing you to access daily updates without having to deal with physical folders and archives. We constantly keep ourselves updated with all relevant system and legal requirements.


Our services

  • Daily updating of bookkeeping and reconciliations
  • Debtor management and payment reminders
  • Creditor management, reconciliation and preparation of payment proposals
  • Payroll administration
  • Reporting
  • Performance recommendations and comments

Minimal costs

Skilled employees are hard to find – and costly to retain. We offer a stable and fully integrated accounting solution, which will free you from the costs involved in staffing, office space, insurance, IT updates and hiring holiday temps.


Close dialogue
We know how important personal contact is when handling your key figures. We provide daily online service and guarantee ongoing support with short response times for emails and phone calls.


Confidentiality and security
Our business is based on your trust, and we naturally treat any information of a technical, commercial or financial nature with the utmost confidentiality. All IT hosting and data storage complies with applicable personal data regulation. We also have access to the best NAV consultants in the industry.

Payroll administration

Why not leave complex salary administration to professionals who are thoroughly familiar with applicable local collective bargaining agreements and regulations? We offer just the right solution.


We will manage the payroll processing based on your staff roster and ensure that correct salary payments are made on time. We will also undertake all statutory reporting in relation to collective bargaining agreements and the inland revenue and furthermore ensure that holiday pay and social contributions are calculated and settled on time.


Our one-stop solution, provided by dedicated industry specialists, will make everyday business a whole lot easier for you. You will no longer need to take staff holidays and sick leave into account when ensuring your employees are paid on time.

Our payroll service can be tailored to your needs to include:


  • Ongoing salary administration
  • Reporting for various statistical requirements
  • Payroll bookkeeping – either directly in your own bookkeeping system or by sending a bookkeeping file
  • HR services – including the preparation of correct employment contracts, payslips, etc.

Would you like to know more?

John Ankjær

John Ankjær



Aja Bugge | Generalsekretær | Fondet For Dansk-Norsk Samarbeid

“Med kort varsel stillede Telling & Nesager op med en yderst kompetent interim management-løsning. Telling & Nesager er meget professionelle og dedikerede i deres arbejde, og vi har hele vejen igennem følt os i trygge hænder med hjælp fra et firma, der har mange års erfaring fra hotelbranchen.”

Anders Thoustrup | Bestyrelsesformand | Hotel Randers-Selskaberne

“Telling & Nesager har assisteret ved rekrutteringen af en ny direktør til Hotel Randers. Vi oplevede en stor forståelse for såvel hotellets kultur og historie som for de planer, der er lagt for hotellet. Processen var båret af et oprigtigt ønske om at skabe det perfekte match, og i...

Peter Christophersen | Direktør | KPC Herning A/S

“TN Hospitality Advisors fik til opgave at kvalificere en og gerne to hoteloperatører til et nyt og spændende projekt. På rekordtid havde de skaffet os et overblik over mulighederne i markedet og kvalificeret to interesserede hoteloperatører, der passede til de krav, projektet stillede. Derefter kunne vi gå direkte til...

Henrik Ib Jørgensen | Adm. direktør Musholm Ferie | Sport Og Konference

“Efter TN Hospitality Advisors har overtaget vores økonomiadministration, har vi opnået et bedre overblik kombineret med hotelfaglig rådgivning, som har forbedret vores drift på afgørende vis. Vi føler os i trygge hænder.”  


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